Missed Miscarriage

Missed MiscarriageMissed Miscarriage is a clean site I offer to hopefully help get the answers you need for the symptoms and causes related to the untimely and extremely unfortunate event of embryonic death. We discuss treatment, recovery, depression and support options available.

A pregnancy should be one of the happiest moments for a couple but in some cases everything goes wrong because of a missed miscarriage.

Often times a missed miscarriage occurs so early in the first stage of pregnancy the women doesn’t realize she’s pregnant until it’s too late. A pregnancy which seems perfectly normal can result in a miscarriage and unfortunately a doctors only advice may be that it happens frequently and that you should try again. Often when women have a second miscarry, doctors perform a battery of more thorough tests to find out what the root cause was. The reason is that it’s not unusual for one missed miscarriage to appear but when it happens again it can definitely be a sign of a more serious problem.

Some people simply have a tough time taking a pregnancy to term and for them, a number of steps are recommended to make sure they have the best chance to have a healthy pregnancy. Some of the most common tips recommended for women that have gone through it are to no longer drink alcohol, to stop smoking, to eat in a more healthy, exercise properly and in general to just take better care of themselves. For other women already practicing a healthy way of living the doctor will recommend other options discussed further in our segment.

A missed miscarriage is definitely a valid reason for grief, we love our children and put a lot of hope in a pregnancy so depression may very well follow and is perfectly normal with some people needing grief counseling to help cope with the loss of an unborn. Losing a fetus can be very traumatic for both the woman and the man involved in the relationship. The feeling may be close to that of losing someone you were very close to and loved for many years.

Although it’s an unpleasant sounding name, a missed miscarriage may also be known by doctors as a spontaneous abortion when it happens for the first time. The frequency at which miscarriages happen is a very high one and most people are not actually aware just how often it happens. Some believe that the miscarriage is caused by the immune system of the woman, which might not know yet how to allow the pregnancy to be completed.

Symptoms Of A Missed Miscarriage

When it comes to being pregnant a miscarriage can be a scary thought but what is scarier than a miscarriage is a missed miscarriage. One where you don’t know for sure that your baby has died. There are many different signs and symptoms that can occur that can help a mother know whether or not she has had one.

A missed miscarriage is when a mother to be looses a baby without expelling it right away. When this happens her body still thinks the baby is alive even though it has died. A missed miscarriage is usually found out when a heartbeat is very irregular, or low, or does not exist at all. At the weeks when the babies heartbeat should be heard and it is absent. A missed miscarriage can also be found by a diminished or low baby growth. For example if a woman had a missed miscarriage at nine weeks and goes in for an ultrasound at twelve weeks but the baby is still at nine weeks and two days with no heartbeat it is most likely that she has had a missed miscarriage.

One sign and symptom that a pregnant woman can have when going through a missed miscarriage is that her pregnancy symptoms disappear or she feels just fine. This sudden change in pregnancy symptoms could mean that a missed miscarriage could have happened and bringing this up to your doctor on your next visit would be the best thing to do. A sudden change in pregnancy symptoms should be noticed as well.

On occasion with some missed miscarriages a woman might experience slight brownish discharge. Even though this should not be automatically assumed to be a missed miscarriage it could be a sign. This can happen at any time but with a change in vaginal discharge it should always be noted.

A missed miscarriage differs from a regular miscarriage because in many cases with a missed miscarriage a woman would not have the lower pelvic pain or abdomen pain that is common with a regular miscarriage. This is why a missed miscarriage is often missed and not found right away. Woman who have had a missed miscarriage will find that they have though that they have been pregnant longer then they really have and had a dead baby in their stomach. This can be a difficult time for any woman to go through.

There can be many reasons why a woman has a missed miscarriage. Some of these symptoms include chromosomal abnormalities, which is the most common reason for miscarriage under twelve weeks. These chromosomal abnormalities can be due bad sperm quality, a bad quality egg, abnormal cell division, and other abnormalities. Some other reasons include different types of infections such as Chlamydia, syphilis, rubella, and more. Some more issues for a missed miscarriage can include issues with the cervix. There are many reasons why a missed miscarriage can happen but being strong would be best for everyone.

Dealing with a missed miscarriage a woman can have a feeling of hate towards their partner or even other people that they might blame. When a missed miscarriage happens seeking out professional help might be able to help a woman understand why this happened to her and to help her deal with the pain that she is dealing with.

There are many different reasons and symptoms that are associated with a missed miscarriage but that does not mean that it is the woman’s fault. Getting through this ordeal and becoming better may take grief counseling for in the end could be best for you and your family.